Dryden Rail Trail

What is the Dryden Rail Trail?

The Dryden Rail Trail is located in the Town of Dryden in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. It is a 14-mile, multi-use trail that—when complete—will link Dryden to Ithaca and the rest of Tompkins County, connecting to the East Ithaca Recreation Way at Game Farm Road.

As a multi-use trail, it is set apart from Dryden’s many recreational trails by this distinguishing feature: In addition to encouraging recreational use, it is designed to provide a continuous cross-town route for off-road alternative transportation. As both a recreational trail and a commuter route, it will provide a way for users to take alternative transportation to work, school, community centers, stores, and parks—both within Dryden and to other towns linked by rail trails. This is a legacy community project that will connect Dryden’s communities to each other and to other parts of the county in a unique and sustainable way.

The Trail is nearly level and welcomes pedestrians, bicycles, horses, and dogs on leash. It passes through residential, rural, and conservation-district land as well as through the villages of Dryden and Freeville, and the hamlets of Etna and Varna. Users of the trail can enjoy healthy exercise and enjoy walking, birdwatching, horseback-riding, and bicycling along a quiet green corridor.

As of 2021, the trail is open from the southeast end of the Jim Schug section to Freeville (approximately 7 miles) and from Route 13 to Game Farm Road (approximately 2.7 miles). Check back often, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be kept informed about new developments.

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